The World’s Most Engaging Messaging Channel
Is Now Seamlessly Integrated Into our Incredible
Local to Global Lead Generation & Sales System

Generating targeted leads and retail customers from the 2 billion WhatsApp users is the key to growing your business faster, and it’s only attainable through the IMX Edge local to global marketing system.

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The IMX EDGE system is vastly different than any other marketing system you’ve seen before.

The fact is email marketing is dying. Email open rates have dropped to only 20%, in some cases even lower.

Then the email click through rates are around 3%.

This means results from email marketing and email opt-in forms are a relic of the past.

In contrast the average SMS text has a 98% open rate.

What’s app has a reported 99% open rate.

With 2 Billion users that makes WhatsApp the most engaging marketing channel on the planet.

The IMX EDGE System is fully integrated into WhatsApp globally and has a text platform for people in the U.S.A.

This provides you with a truly useful cutting edge and functional method of generating leads and retail sales.

Here’s Why This Matters to You

Our team has the first commercial use license from WhatsApp to incorporate WhatsApp into a local to global marketing system. That’s huge!

This means your reps can utilize the most engaging marketing channel on the planet to generate targeted leads, locally, nationally and globally.

Due to Recent Events the World has Changed

People are flocking to digital channels to find ways to earn more money.

Now is the time to reach more people using online methods and WhatsApp has 2 Billion monthly users.

Facebook messenger has only 1.3 Billion.

Which means WhatsApp has 700 million more users than Facebook and is the world’s number one messaging app by far.

Now for the first time your reps can leverage the power of the world’s number one messaging app to get leads, grow their business and income.

Which in turn grows your business and profits.

WhatsApp & Text Features

In addition to WhatsApp our system has a full text platform which is great for people in the USA.

From a laptop or a cell phone your reps have a local to global 1 click marketing system.

Once a prospect opts-in to the system they are sent a link to a web page that contains any content or videos you want the prospect to see.

Rapport Building

And in the IMX Edge system back office, reps can write a message to their leads, or copy & paste prewritten messages, and with 1 click send those messages through text or through WhatsApp to build rapport with their prospects.

Building rapport is an important aspect to move the prospect to becoming a customer and/or rep.

With 1 click the rep can also WhatsApp or Text links to product or business videos and to websites.

Zero tech skills are needed to use the system, as it’s
super simple and super easy to use.

Being able to communicate through WhatsApp is a real breakthrough in lead generation, retail product sales and accelerating the growth of your business.

This Sounds Great But…

You might be thinking this sounds great but how much does it cost my reps?

The good news is that it’s not $99.95 monthly, or $59.95 monthly, as it’s only $29.95 monthly.

And when they refer 3 theirs is FREE.

There is also a one-time $5.00 set-up fee.

Running Ads

For reps that want to run ads on WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, Google, etc. the system has
built in pixel tracking.

Which means they can track the source of their leads and adjust their ad spending to the platform they’re getting the best results from.

The Investment

The system set-up investment for companies or teams is only $3000.00 one-time. There are no other fees.

You provide the lead capture video (s), presentation video (s), lead capture page copy and sales page copy.

If needed, we can write the lead capture page and short sales page copy for you at no additional cost.

We can produce lead capture videos for an additional fee but that is not our primary business.

And we can refer you to 3rd party providers if desired.

Our Mission

The mission of IMX Edge is to provide marketing tools that add value to our system user’s financial life, thus affording people the ability to live a life of choice.

With that your rep base and sales volume increases, which in turn grows your profits and business.

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