About Us

IMX Edge is based in the United States, as is our tech team.

We deliver more than a marketing system; we deliver a SaaS solution to our clients in order for them to gain more reps and retail customers.

In a highly competitive landscape marketing becomes more important.

As a wise person once said…

“marketing is everything and everything is marketing”

Our purpose is to be a valued asset in your reps marketing efforts.

Steven Seppinni

Back in 2003 in the stone age of Internet marketing Steven built his first online marketing system. That system produced over 1 million leads in 6 months and countless dollars of commissions for the reps.

Since then, he’s done many more millions of leads through marketing systems he’s produced. With his years of experience, he knew building a system that collects email addresses was a giant waste of time, app marketing is problematic and text marketing by itself is not the solution.

Now thanks to the fact WhatsApp and Text is integrated into our platform, we offer a modern local to global solution, which enables users to market much more effectively in generating leads and product sales.

Steven is a lifelong salesman and marketer. From selling luggage, cars, houses and apartment buildings.

And of course, building teams in direct sales companies, writing comp plans and consulting. His experience and expertise adds value to companies and teams that decide to use the IMX Edge system.

Rick Fleshman
Lead Consultant

Rick Fleshman has over 30 years experience at every level of the Network Marketing industry. He received his initial mentoring in the industry from two of the top earners in the business. After his first experience with a large company at the distributor level, he went on to create a significant passive income for the next seven years, both in the field as an independent representative and later at the corporate level.

In 1993, after serving as VP of Marketing for a nutrition company, he founded Full Circle Network Communications. FCN quickly became a leading provider of enhanced telecom products and found a niche in providing communications packages to the Network Marketing and infomercial industries.

They also developed proprietary computer-telephony applications that were noticed by technology companies such as Dialogic, a subsidiary of Intel, as well as cutting edge internet marketing firms such as Communications of America and Earnware Corporation. These two core competencies lifted FCN to a multi-million-dollar concern.

In 1999, Earnware Corporation, a high-tech internet marketing and strategy firm acquired FCN, where Rick served as VP of Marketing, in an ownership capacity. Earnware provides internet and telephony-based marketing tools that automate the sales process and allow
large sales teams to communicate more effectively, and also handle large numbers of prospects through automated follow-up systems.

Earnware clients include Coca Cola, Shaklee, AmeriPlan USA, and Wellness.com, to name just a few. Rick was responsible for several million dollars in revenue through large client acquisitions that were developed into solid long-term relationships.

For a six-year period, Rick was in high demand as a consultant in the Network Marketing industry. He developed a cadre of marketing consultants, copywriters, graphic designers, and internet marketers to which he dispatched specialized work to accomplish many large, successful projects.

Rick served as VP Sales & Marketing for a $100 Million Network Marketing company, operating in over 130 countries. He was hired as part of the US expansion team, which created revenues in excess of $25M in the first year.

In 2018, Rick led the development team to build out the infrastructure for an MLM startup in Hong Kong, and then later became the CEO. The company created over $20 Million revenue in the first month.

Most recently, Rick was tasked with assisting a German MLM startup to enter the US market. They opened in May 2020, during the pandemic, and have achieved over $50M in revenue in the first six months.

Today, Rick lives near the beach in Corona Del Mar CA with his wife, Brigitte, where he has nurtured a powerful vision to build on his successful entrepreneurial past and is most passionate about contributing to the lives of others.